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Tools: RSS

I read a lot of RSS feeds. Generally, I read a mishmash of android, comics, cooking, gaming, linux, news, tech. And I like read them in a lot of different ways. I read webapps, terminal apps, and Android apps. When Google Reader closed down, I needed to find another way to sync and read all my feeds on all my devices. Finally, I think I’ve figured out my system.

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Linux: Contributing

I like open-source, and Linux specifically, for two big reasons: customizability and community. What could be more customizable than being able to look at and add to a program’s code? And as that customization (which hopefully ends up on Github or Bitbucket or some community-accessible equivalent) happens on a large scale, the community grows.

Note that I’m a law student, not a computer engineer. I can’t really write anything…I guess what I would consider important. I’ll never make a kernel commit, for instance. All I can really do is write (mediocre) bash scripts, and maybe minor Java or C or C++ additions to an existing codebase. But I have found that open-source code is generally well-designed, properly commented, and logically named. So modifying existing codebases isn’t as difficult as I thought, especially when what you have in mind mirrors something already in the code. And at least from my admittedly minimal experience, developers tend to be pretty forgiving of stupid first-timer errors and oddball requests.

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Linux: Console Applications

I love console applications. I just like the look of them. I mean, the speed is nice, and the bafflement on other peoples’ faces when they see my screen is always fun, but mostly I just like how they look.  I mean, look how pretty!

That’s the music player moc. And here’s the IRC client irssi:

I like how the colorschemes adhere to your terminal’s colorscheme, creating uniformity (a little like GTK themes). In my case, I use urxvt, so the colors are determined by ~/.Xresources. I use the solarized colorscheme.

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