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Android + Linux: Mistakes! Unlocking and Rooting the 2013 Nexus 7 from Arch Linux

I had an embarrassingly difficult time rooting the new Nexus 7 from my Linux installation. It wasn’t the fault of the stickied guide on XDA that I used; that’s a good guide, albeit for Windows. It wasn’t the Nexus line’s tools; those are terrifically simple to use. It was I who made several (Arch-Linux-specific) mistakes:

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Linux: codefireX NotifyMyAndroid Script

I wrote up a quick cfx_nma.sh script in bash that parses the synergye.codefi.re/__ pages for new updates. It then uses the Notify My Android (NMA) API to send notifications to my phone.

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ROMs: CodefireX Screenshots

Just some requested screenshots, from 1002. Easier to put them here than on XDA. It looks like stock Jellybean, so I’m not sure what good screenshots will do, so I included some shots of the specialized CodefireX settings.

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ROMs: codefireX

It’s just too difficult to update my rundown of codefireX settings here. More are added almost daily. Therefore, I have created a quick flowchart detailing the settings available in the codefireX ROMs. I will be updating it regularly. It will be “hosted” at 2012.11.01 EDIT: Google Docs until I figure out a better place to put it.

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ROMs: HTC Inspire 4G and Desire HD [Update]

Since my last post on ROMs for the HTC Inspire 4G apparently is the most-visited post on this blog, I figured I should do a quick update. The original post has been updated as well to reflect the changes in this post.

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App: Relaunch

I’ve been looking for a good launcher app for awhile now. And by launcher I don’t mean something like Go, Nova, or Apex launcher; I mean an app that categorizes and launches apps quickly and easily. I flash a lot of ROMs, and I don’t want to have to re-add everything to my homescreen or to folder widgets every time I switch ROMs. I recently found Relaunch, and I was very happy that I did.

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ROMs: HTC Inspire 4G (also Desire HD)

I use Android 4.1 JellyBean now on my HTC Inspire 4G, but for awhile I used very stable Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich builds. The Inspire has great ROMs for both ICS and JB. Personally, I prefer the AOSP look and feel; I rooted my phone in part to get away from HTC’s Sense UI. Because of that, I’m only looking at non-Sense ROMs. However, I understand that there are many many good Sense ROMs for the phone as well. Note that the codename for both Desire HD and Inspire 4G is Ace.

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ROMs: HP Touchpad ROMs

I’ve heard nice things about WebOS, but, well, I honestly haven’t given it a fair shot. There just aren’t enough apps for me to use it on a daily basis. I wasn’t even interested in using the thing until I decided to put Android on it one day. But after I managed to install Android (alongside WebOS! even though I don’t use it…) I use it almost daily.

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Android: Terminology

Like I said in the previous post, I felt that Android terminology can be complicated to grasp at first. ROM v. RUU? Radio v. RIL? AOSP v. CM v. AOSP? Eventually, I think I figured most of it out.

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