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Linux: TVHeadend and systemd

I upgraded my HTPC to Debian Jessie, which uses systemd. As a result, though the timer script here still works, the pm-suspend scripts don’t. I changed to using systemd services.


Description=User resume actions

ExecStartPre=/sbin/modprobe saa7164
ExecStart=/bin/systemctl start tvheadend



Description=User suspend actions

ExecStartPre=/bin/systemctl stop tvheadend ; /home/hts/.epg/
ExecStart=/sbin/rmmod saa7164


The timer script referenced in the suspend service is the same one linked above.

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Linux: HTPC

I set up an HTPC. I wanted it to do several things:

  • Play my local and network music, TV, and movie files
  • Play and record over-the-air television
  • Stream videos from the internet
  • Play and stream Steam games
  • Do desktop browser things, including YouTube and Twitch

These are just my notes on what exactly I did, in case I ever need to reinstall or do it all again for some reason or another.

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