Linux: Home Server

I set up a home server. I wanted it to do both local and non-local things. This is just a quick record so I remember what exactly I did. I chose Debian Wheezy/Stable, amd64, for its stability. Locally, it has:

Externally, it has:

  • Nginx  (I chose it over Apache because it’s supposedly easier to configure and smaller)
  • Postgresql from the Debian repo (I chose it over MySQL because it supposedly has better performance)
  • Tiny Tiny RSS from the Debian Jessie/Testing repo with the newsplus and fever plugins
  • OwnCloud from its Debian repo

I use tools like a few php optimizers for speed, ufw for a firewall, and fail2ban for security as well. Despite its all-purpose use case and its repo mixing, it’s held steady for nearly a year now.

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2 thoughts on “Linux: Home Server

  1. truthspew says:

    I have to say, I’m fairly familiar with configuring Apache. To the point where I had an Apache install working as a poor mans load balancer one time.

    • bananagranola says:

      I didn’t find Apache too bad either, albeit given my limited use of it on a short-lived predecessor to this server. I do like the fact that Nginx is a lot easier on system resources, though.

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