Apps: Aviate Launcher

Aviate is a gorgeous launcher. Look:



Gorgeous, right? As shown, the homescreen utilizes a continuous left-to-right layout. The far left pane shows “Spaces,” which also appear at the pulldown at the top of the second pane. For example, this is the Time space:


The second pane also has an area for widget cards in the center, as well as an area for a favorites card. The next pane over includes the automatically sorted “Collections.” Other collections are available:


The far right pane shows an alphabetized list of all the apps installed on the phone.

The UI isĀ  obviously thoughtfully designed. The apps can be dragged and dropped all over the interface. The cards resize automatically to fit to their contents.

Further, despite its beta status, I haven’t found any bugs. I also haven’t found any of the little UI idiosyncracies that tend to pepper unfinished software.

The only thing that bothers me about the app? The reviewers. Why review, and give a one-star rating no less, because you haven’t received the invite to a free beta app yet?? It clearly says “Invite Only” right in the title! The gall and the self-enttlement of some people…


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