Linux: Console Applications

I love console applications. I just like the look of them. I mean, the speed is nice, and the bafflement on other peoples’ faces when they see my screen is always fun, but mostly I just like how they look.  I mean, look how pretty!

That’s the music player moc. And here’s the IRC client irssi:

I like how the colorschemes adhere to your terminal’s colorscheme, creating uniformity (a little like GTK themes). In my case, I use urxvt, so the colors are determined by ~/.Xresources. I use the solarized colorscheme.

And of course there’s text editor vim (showing ~/.vimrc):

and email client mutt:

and twitter client turses:

news client newsbeuter:

and finally, the file manager ranger.

There are alternatives to all of the above, and most even have alternative console applications (mpd in exchange for moc, for example.)  But those are just the ones I like.

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2 thoughts on “Linux: Console Applications

  1. philos says:

    hi, i would known how use turses behind a proxy with authentication? can you help me?

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