ROMs: HTC Inspire 4G and Desire HD [Update]

Since my last post on ROMs for the HTC Inspire 4G apparently is the most-visited post on this blog, I figured I should do a quick update. The original post has been updated as well to reflect the changes in this post.

As of synergye’s 0917 CM10 and codefireX builds, the bugs for tendency for the backlight to remain on even if the screen is off and tendency for the screen to turn off on system sounds have been fixed. In short, the “killer” backlight bugs have been fixed. synergye credits paulb_nl on XDA for the fixes.

A short-lived bug that crashed the browser for https sites has also been fixed. Also, the 0917 build seems a lot snappier and “buttery” than previous builds.

Finally, since my last post, the codefireX settings menu has been reorganized. New screenshots have been posted on the original post; I figured it was redundant to put them in two places on the same blog.

I should also note that although I own an HTC Inspire 4G, the phone is very similar to the HTC Desire HD; in fact, all the ROMs I’ve mentioned in this post and the previous Inspire post are compatible with the Desire HD. Both go under the codename Ace.

One more thing: I’ve recently joined a thread over at xda-developers’ Desire HD forums called the Ace Think Tank. Though visitors are expected to come ready to read and learn (and repeated failure to do so will result in some rather tough love), it’s a place with plenty of guides and friendly help for newbies.

EDIT: it has gotten too hard keeping all of these ROM pages updated. Look at this post for a flowchart on the latest codefireX settings.

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2 thoughts on “ROMs: HTC Inspire 4G and Desire HD [Update]

  1. Good post. I have also heard that the gamma group is making up spywares for the phones like HTC and the new BB sets coming out lately. Is it true?



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