Tools: IFTTT and Feed43

I discovered IFTTT recently. It takes triggers from a variety of sources and then takes various actions based on those triggers. For example, I like to watch GophersVids’ channel on Youtube. He uploads Let’s Play Skyrim videos, along with several others. So I have IFTTT trigger when he uploads a new video, and it takes action by sending me a message via Google Talk. Note that the YouTube trigger doesn’t seem to work for me, so I use the API with<username>/uploads.

I do something similar to check whether the latest  ROM nightly for my phone has been uploaded. However, since the download site doesn’t have an API like Youtube, I had to get a little creative. Feed43 is a utility website that allows creation of RSS feeds from websites that don’t have them. I gave Feed43 the website and a few instructions on how to parse it, and bada bing, I have a feed! Now I just use the feed as trigger in IFTTT and it notifies me when there are new nightlies.

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