App: Relaunch

I’ve been looking for a good launcher app for awhile now. And by launcher I don’t mean something like Go, Nova, or Apex launcher; I mean an app that categorizes and launches apps quickly and easily. I flash a lot of ROMs, and I don’t want to have to re-add everything to my homescreen or to folder widgets every time I switch ROMs. I recently found Relaunch, and I was very happy that I did.

Relaunch categorizes apps into 8 categories, according to their categorization on the Google Play Store: Talk, Play, Work, Seek, Relax, Setup, Live, and Read. It also includes a final Lost category for apps that are not available on the Play Store. The app itself is launched from customizable hotspots running along the left and right sides of the phone’s screen. It’s been stable for the several weeks I’ve been using it, and it looks quite nice as well.

There is a free version of the app; it brings up a popup window every few launches, asking for donations. (I actually didn’t realize this was there; I bought the full app for $1.46 before the first one even popped up.) There will eventually be added functionality, like customizable categories, but even now it’s a great app. I use it on a daily basis to launch everything; I no longer even have apps on my homescreen. For some reason, it’s not super popular on the Play Store; it has quite a few downloads, but not as many as I would have expected for such a nice app.

I should note that, since the app is intended for phones, it can look rather grainy on a larger tablet screen. However, I still use it on my HP Touchpad, purely because it’s so convenient. It’s not ugly or anything; it’s just that the icons are meant for a smaller screen, and stretching them out for a larger screen resolution obviously affects the look of it.

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