ROMs: HTC Inspire 4G (also Desire HD)

I use Android 4.1 JellyBean now on my HTC Inspire 4G, but for awhile I used very stable Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich builds. The Inspire has great ROMs for both ICS and JB. Personally, I prefer the AOSP look and feel; I rooted my phone in part to get away from HTC’s Sense UI. Because of that, I’m only looking at non-Sense ROMs. However, I understand that there are many many good Sense ROMs for the phone as well. Note that the codename for both Desire HD and Inspire 4G is Ace.

The ICS ones I liked were IceColdSandwich by LordClockaN and aospX by existz. IceColdSandwich is based on AOKP, meaning it has the customizable ROMControl settings (notification bar icons, clock, toggles, weather, etc.; disabled bootanimation; customized recents windows; LCD density; many more) as well as the CM10 stuff (theming, etc.). aospX is based on Google’s base AOSP, and though it doesn’t have as much customizability, personally I felt it was more stable. Both have overclocking, and all the other goodies that usually come with custom ROMs. IceColdSandwich is supposedly out of development, but the ROM author said that for version 8.5, and we’re now on 8.6.1. 🙂 aospX is still very much in development; the current version is BR6, but BR7 is in discussion.

Though I loved both ICS ROMs, I rooted my phone in part I wanted the absolute latest and greatest (and for my newly discovered inner flashaholic). JellyBean came out recently after I rooted my phone, and in a matter of weeks it was completely usable and stable enough for daily use. For the HTC Inspire 4G, the first JellyBean ROM was JellyTime CM10 by randomblame. He later came out with JellyTime AOKP as well (with the usual differences between CM10 and AOKP). Around the same time, synergye started CM10, AOKP, and codefireX nightly builds. The AOKP build has since been discontinued, but CM10 and codefireX are still running strong.

EDIT: Wifi, camera, bluetooth, and all other major things work. Generally, any bugs in JellyTime are probably also in synergye’s nightlies as well. Major ones include a tendency for the backlight to remain on even if the screen is off, a tendency for the screen to turn off on system sounds, and slightly higher battery drain. The major bugs previously mentioned have been fixed as of the 0917 nightly! A short-lived browser bug that crashed https sites has also been fixed. Additionally, the 0917 build seems much smoother and more “buttery” than previous builds.

For those who are wondering about what codefireX is: it is based on CM10, but it incorporates several AOKP elements, like centered clock, battery bar, and notification icon styles. While still young, it is very stable, and new additions are being made daily. EDIT: These special  codefireX Settings screenshots are from the 0917 build.

And another from the 0919.

Randomblame is very active in his threads, but due to friction with an XDA moderator, synergye has no working account on XDA and therefore is not active in his. He is active in the Freenode channel #htc-ace. Randomblame’s builds are not published as often as synergye’s nightlies (obviously), though they have little discernible difference in terms of stability.

Personally, I have been swapping among the JellyBean ROMs for about 2 weeks now. I’ve been dirty-flashing codefireX for the last few days, and I quite like how it incorporates elements from both CM10 and AOKP. Who knows, though; this is by no means a comprehensive list, and with so many great devs and great ROMs, it’s hard to choose just one. Just try them for yourself.

EDIT: it has gotten too hard to try to update this page continuously. Look at the flowchart referenced in this post for the latest codefireX settings.

EDIT 10.13.2012: synergye is now back on XDA, with a performance kernel to boot.

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